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    James Franco Finally Explains James Franco -

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    Read some Spring Breaker poetry in TIME magazine!

  3. James Franco arriving in Toronto on September 6th, 2014.

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    He came, he saw, he live streamed. 

    #MakingAScene with James Franco is out! Watch the first 4 episodes here: www.on.aol.com/makingascene

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    This is me one hundred percent of the time. // Palo Alto, 2014.

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  6. James Franco hosting the Oscars (2011)

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  7. James Franco Re-Enacts Film Scenes for Fun, Postmodernism in ‘Making a Scene’

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    James Franco rises! Watch #MakingAScene right now on AOL Originals and don’t miss tonight’s Live Stream at 8pm ET! Ask your questions on Twitter and Instagram about the series using #AskJamesFranco.

    See it all at: www.on.aol.com/makingascene

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  12. Dirty Dancing Dogs | Ep. 1 | Making A Scene with James Franco(*)

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  13. Just finished watching Making A Scene with James Franco! I’ve come to realize that I am actually in love with this man!

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    James Franco 

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    James Franco is love. point blank period.